In memory of our dear friend Declan Flynn

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In memory of our dear friend Declan Flynn, who dedicated his unwavering efforts to Bench Outreach over the last 20 years:

It has been a privilege to have worked alongside you throughout these two decades. Your dedication, compassion, and relentless commitment to helping others has made a profound impact on our community. Your selflessness and hard work have been an inspiration to us all. Working with you was not only an honour but also a pleasure, and it’s a privilege to have called you our friend. Your legacy at Bench-Outreach is one of kindness, service, and unwavering support for those in need. Thank you for everything you have done and for the incredible difference you made in so many lives. You will be deeply missed, but your spirit and the impact of your work will live on.

With deepest gratitude and admiration,

From all of us at Bench. 

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  1. Barbara Ward

    I volunteered in Reception at Greenwich Winter Night Shelter on Wednesdays the same time that Declan had a regular advice time for guests at GWNS.

    We sometimes registered new guests together. Declan always had interesting , positive , supportive insights to share in the process. His generosity knew no bounds.

    I have a background in Homelessness having previously organised training and student supervision at Centrepoint HQ in London.

    Declan was a very special person who generously shared his knowledge and support to both guests volunteers and workers at GWNS.

    Declan will be greatly missed, tears came to my eyes when I heard the news of his passing. A great loss for everyone who knew him. An exceptional man.

  2. Pat

    Declan’s passion and dedication touched the lives of many, an inspirational colleague, he will be missed but his memory will live on.

  3. Linda Murphy

    Declan gave me the money for the key deposit for temporary accommodation when I was street homeless along with direct honesty about my illness. It was a Blessing to see him 10 years later at my new job, with a few years sobriety under my belt. A kind, supportive and generous man who gave me hope and laughter during such a dark time. I’m so grateful I had the chance to see him one last time. Rest in Peace, you complete hero 🙏

  4. James Mulrine

    Thank you Declan and Bench for the assistance you have given to me and my son Billy we both appreciated it and also, I had the pleasure of being counselled by Declan and worked with him for a while and had a good glimpse of his passion to help others before himself. A true Gentleman who is missed and will always be in my thoughts bless you all at Bench and Declan’s Family, friends and colleagues..

  5. Paul Saxton

    Just heard last night, a terrible loss to his loved ones, friends and the disadvantaged in general. Endlessly compassionate advocate for those who didn’t have a voice, or didn’t quite have the ability to use it. Always made time to speak to me on the phone too. Terrible loss.

  6. John Barker

    It was one of the pleasures of my life to have known Declan. When I was the service manager for homelessness at Lewisham Council, Declan was simply a phenomenal source of support and an amazing person to have as a friend.

    We work together on many projects and quite simply they were always successful because of Declan’s passion and commitment

    My favourite time with Declan would always be on one of our regular street counts when whilst prowling round the streets of Deptford or New Cross in the early hours of the morning I’d listen to his stories and his annecdites and his wisdom and thoroughly enjoyied myself as we clambered over fences through bushes and thickets to see if we could find anyone unfortunate enough to be sleeping out.

    I will miss this wonderful man enormously but more importantly our wonderful sector of amazing people will never be the same again without his amazing ability to make everybody feel special and loved.

    Declan, it was an honour to know you. I am going to miss you very very much. Sleep well.

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