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Services Manager

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Closes: 1 July 2024. Shortlisting will take place on 2 July with applicants contacted by 5 July and interviews held on 11 July.

To apply please email CV and a covering letter to

Salary: £37.2k
Reports to: the CEO
Organisation: Bench Outreach 
Location: Deptford SE8
About Bench Outreach:
Bench Outreach provides support and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Our aim is to prevent homelessness, provide housing solutions, and support individuals in rebuilding their lives with dignity and respect. We work closely with external partners and stakeholders to deliver high-quality services that make a meaningful impact in our
About SHAP Housing First Service:
The SHAP project will provide bespoke housing plans and open ended tenancy sustainment for 10 of the most complex needs clients in the London Borough of Lewisham. This project will collaborate with specialist services to offer a holistic approach to housing and address clients ongoing support needs.
Key skills

  1. Experience in Homeless Prevention Models: The Services Manager will demonstrate a strong understanding of homeless prevention strategies and models. They will develop and implement effective interventions to support individuals at risk of homelessness, ensuring proactive measures are in place to address housing insecurity. 
  2. Expertise in Housing First: Possessing in-depth knowledge of the Housing First approach, the Services Manager will integrate Housing First principles into service delivery. They will ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness are provided with immediate access to stable and permanent housing, with wrap-around support to address their complex needs. 
  3. Trauma-Informed Care: The Services Manager will apply trauma-informed principles in service provision. They will ensure that services are delivered in a sensitive and supportive manner, recognising the impact of trauma on individuals’ lives. This includes providing a safe and empowering environment for service users to access support and resources. The services Manager will identify key learning and CPD for the team and ensure all specialist training is up to date.
  4. Team Leadership: Providing effective leadership to a team of staff members, the Services Manager will foster a collaborative and supportive work environment. They will promote professional growth and development among team members, ensuring that staff are equipped with the skills and resources needed to deliver high-quality services.
  5. Project Management: The Services Manager will oversee all aspects of project management, including planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. They will ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget, with a focus on achieving measurable outcomes and impact.  
  6. Strategic Planning: Contributing to the development of strategic plans and objectives for Bench Outreach, the Services Manager will identify opportunities for growth and innovation in service delivery. They will work closely with the CEO and senior management team to align service initiatives with organisational goals and priorities. 
  7. Community Engagement: Building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders, including service users, community organisations, and local authorities, the Services Manager will enhance collaboration and promote the involvement of the community in service planning and delivery. They will represent Bench Outreach at meetings, forums, and events, advocating for the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. 
  8. Cohort Management: The Services Manager will oversee a cohort of 10 multi-complex clients who require specialised support and interventions. They will develop individualized plans for each client, coordinating with internal teams and external partners to ensure holistic and responsive care. The Services Manager will lead regular case review meetings, monitor progress, and adjust strategies as needed to address evolving needs and goals. 
  9. Forward-Thinking Approach: Demonstrating a forward-thinking approach, the Services Manager will explore innovative strategies and interventions to support multi-complex clients. They will stay abreast of emerging best practices and research in the field of homelessness and housing insecurity, incorporating new ideas and approaches into service delivery to enhance outcomes for clients.  
  10. Systemic Change: The Services Manager will have a deep understanding of how to
    incorporate and influence systemic change within partnership organisations. They will
    collaborate with external stakeholders, including local authorities’ partnership agencies, non-
    profit organisations, and community groups, to advocate for policy changes and systemic
    reforms that address the root causes of homelessness and housing insecurity.
    The Services Manager will actively participate in strategic planning initiatives and advocacy
    campaigns aimed at effecting positive change at the systemic level. 
     11. Quality Assurance Framework (QAF):
     The Services Manager will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the organisations
    Quality Assurance Framework (QAF). They will monitor service delivery against established
    standards and benchmarks, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective actions
    as necessary to maintain high-quality services and outcomes.

Additional Role Description:

The Services Manager will work closely with a small team that they will help develop and
nurture. They will provide leadership, guidance, and mentorship to team members, fostering a
collaborative and supportive work environment conducive to professional growth and

The Services Manager will facilitate regular team meetings, encourage open communication
and idea sharing, and empower team members to contribute their unique skills and
perspectives to the collective success of the organisation. As the team grows,
the Services Manager will play a pivotal role in shaping its culture, values, and collective vision
for the future.

Any additional duties as directed by the Service Managers Line Manager.